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Catch a Load of This

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I honestly don’t know if you pronounce it creamy or cream pieā€¦ you know what I mean? What I do know is that I really don’t give a fuck as long as I am privy to it. And yes, I like it plenty. Perhaps because it is so taboo that it excites me. What is it with us and naughty things right?

Talking about naughty things, there are some down right raunchy little slappers on display here. They’re so young still though and sometimes it’s hard to believe that they can fuck this well. I suspect they know it though ’cause they sure know how to flaunt it.

I am pleasantly surprised though since I noticed that the prices slashed on Teen Pies, as if I needed any encouragement to renew my membership. I dug up some more deals here too. Have fun!

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